This modern Fender Stratocaster was originally black but the owner has a thing about pink. And happens to be my daughter!

This is a modern Fender Highway 1 Stratocaster that was changed from “hearing-aid beige” to Daphne Blue.

Cherry Red Epiphone Coronet This was a complete refinish in Cherry Red. This guitar is rumoured to have been owned and played by Steve Marriot. Another complete refinish in Cherry Red.

I built this Les Paul Junior copy from scratch and finished in in Vintage White nitrocellulose lacquer. The body is one piece of mahogany, with a maple neck.

This was a complete refinish in Olympic White. A tinted clear coat was sprayed to mimic aged lacquer.

This 1961 Stratocaster has been owned by the same person since 1967. Unfortunately the previous owner did the buyer “a favour” by refinishing it in black! It is now Fiesta Red and is fitted with mostly reproduction parts (as it is intended to be played.) All the original parts are however retained and can be …

This Les Paul came to me badly refinished in polyurethane varnish. I completely stripped it (apart from the area around the serial number) and refinished it in nitrocellulose lacquer, using the same bronze powder pigments that would have been used originally.

This genuine 1957 Stratocaster body was bought by a strat collector and formed the base for a rebuild using original parts.