Shell Pink Stratocaster Refinish

This modern Fender Stratocaster was originally black but the owner has a thing about pink. And happens to be my daughter!

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  1. Hi! Really like how this shell pink strat turned out. Could you give some advice on how you did this? :)

    • Yes of course.

      The pink was painted directly over the original black Fender finish.

      I scuff-sanded the black using 800 grit paper and filled any dings using car body filler. I then primed (my White Primer) and sanded smooth repeatedly until the surface was 100% blemish-free.

      Next step was to spray a few coats of Shell Pink until the colour was uniform and opaque. Once that was dry, several coats of clear gloss, which after a few days hardening I flat sanded and buffed to a high gloss.

      The same process is shown here when spraying this SAGA kit.

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