Nitrocellulose lacquer for guitars and more

The best nitrocellulose lacquer you can buy.

My name is Steve Robinson and I have been building and repairing electric guitars for almost 50 years, having built my first guitar from scratch in 1974. I believe that my lacquer is the best there is and my customers agree. If I didn’t think it the best, I wouldn’t sell it, simple as that. My cellulose lacquer is used by many professional and amateur guitar makers around the UK.

I supply some specialist colours unavailable elsewhere such as true bronze powder lacquer for authentic Gibson style goldtops.

I sell in convenient aerosols which produce excellent results, saving the hassle of having to buy, maintain and clean spray equipment.

Buy from someone who uses the product themselves; check out my blog posts to see just what is possible using the right spray cans. The lacquer is available in my shop and there is a wealth of demonstrations and tutorials in the site blog.

Please note that I do not offer a finishing or refinishing service

If you need advice about my products I am still available via my contacts page.

Some examples of what is possible

Sunburst Stratocaster

The completed sunburst
A fifties style two-tone sunburst finish over ash

Candy Apple Red Stratocaster

Ready for assembly
A authentic Candy Apple Red finish, with clear red over a gold base coat

Vintage sunburst Les Paul Junior

A fifties style Les Paul Junior finish over mahogany

Les Paul Goldtop

Les Paul Goltop finish using authentic bronze lacquer

Ice Blue Metallic Telecaster

Finished Ice Blue Telecaster
Telecaster Ice Blue over alder

Distressed Butterscotch Telecaster

Butterscotch Telecaster body with hardware fitted
Butterscotch Telecaster body with hardware fitted

TV Yellow Les Paul Junior

Late 50s style TV Yellow Les Paul Junior

Gibson style Cherry Red finish

Cherry Red “Delta” guitar