Steve Robinson – guitar and bass repair in Manchester

Please note that my repair business in currently locked down due to the Covid-19 pandemic and I’m not accepting any work. Please accept my apologies, I’ll be back fixing guitars as soon as it’s safe. Lacquer sales are unaffected and continue as normal.

Steve Robinson, guitar technicianAn electric guitar is a precision instrument. To get the best from your guitar or bass and from yourself as a player it is important that your instrument is set up to suit your playing style and your preferences. But whether or not you require a low action or not (and most players do) it is essential that your frets are level and smooth and your guitar is maintained to the highest possible standard.

Who I am

My name is Steve Robinson and I have been building and repairing electric guitars for over 40 years. I offer my service to musicians of Northwest England and beyond at very reasonable prices. For details of the services I offer, please use the menu above. If you’d like to call me to discuss any work, please do so.

What I do

I provide a repair and maintenance service to guitarists and bass guitarists. My setups are second to none and I have received some wonderful testimonials. Although many customers find me through this site, a large proportion of my work comes from repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations.

A non-exhaustive list of my services is:

Please note that I do not offer a finishing or refinishing service. I sometimes paint guitars to demonstrate or learn a technique, or for fun, but this is not something I do on request. I can recommend Jon at Rexter Guitars as someone who does a great paint job.

Although I am Manchester Guitar Tech, I have customers from several European countries and have worked for and given advice to guitarists around the world.

How to contact me

I work from my home workshop in Sale. Details on my contact page.