Clear Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer Aerosol

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Clear Gloss lacquer, essential for virtually all jobs where you need to provide a high gloss finish to your guitar.

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12 reviews for Clear Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer Aerosol

  1. Andreas

    Hello, can this be used to finish an unfinished maple fretboard? Thanks!

  2. Mike Ferries (verified owner)

    I’ve used Steve’s Lacquers on a couple of guitars now.. and all had an excellent finish and result.
    When using the cans.. they gave an excellent spray pattern (a good mist spray at the right distance for wetting the application nice and smooth but also just right for a heavier application – so id say its in the goldilocks zone for use) it also gave a good feel as I applied the lacquer ..
    Plus the advice from him when I made my first purchase.. was top notch.. thanks again..
    So all in all are these a good and worthy purchase…ABSOLUTELY..

  3. Jason

    Used other brands of nitrocellulose lacquer in the past, but thought I’d try yours after reading your tips on a guitar forum.
    I used your light yellow tinted lacquer aerosol to refinish my Gibson 335. Amazing colour and easy to use.
    Will definitely be using your clear lacquer to finish the job, and on any future projects.
    Cheers Steve.

  4. Bruno

    Hey Steve, I have heard good recommendations about your products. Can I use the clear coat to spray onto a guitar body that has been painted with an alcoholic solution of the Keda wood dye (trans finish)? I have already painted the whole guitar, after sanding it with 180 grit paper (though I guess it would be best to sand it with 400 or 600 grit paper, no?)

    • Steve

      180 grit is quite coarse I think. I’d normally sand to 320 before applying lacquer. If you were to sand you’d almost certainly have to repair the stain by re-application.

      The lacquer will go over the dye with no problems but the first coat may raise the grain so you’d have to sand lightly to denib before applying more coats.

  5. Ian Pittam (verified owner)

    Thanks for your reply Steve, just ordered, Thanks! Ian

  6. Tai-Li Lai

    Hi, can this be used on top a alkyd based paint? If so how many cans are needed for a guitar body? I read your article on the candy apple red paint job and it said 1 can. So will 1 can be enough for a clear coat on a block colour body? Many thanks, Tai-Li

    • Steve

      I don’t think so, you would have to test first.

      One can may be sufficient if the underlying surface is perfect but it doesn’t give much protection against the risk of rubbing through when buffing. The CAR body already has a lot of lacquer on from the original sunburst plus the primer, silver and red layers.

  7. Ian

    Hi Steve can this be used on a matt nitro finish to bring it to a gloss? Any tips if so? Thanks, Ia.

    • Steve

      Yes it can. Just make sure the surface is free of any grease before you spray.

  8. david madden

    hi there will this go over another make of paint,thank you

    • Steve

      Well it rather depends what the other paint is.

      It should be okay over other brands of nitrocellulose lacquer but it’s always advisable to test a small area first.

  9. Marc Lyes (verified owner)

    As everyone else has said, brilliant stuff, second time using it now, was a complete novice the first time and my guitar turned out great, lays on really good and minimal wet sanding got me to a mirror shine

  10. Jim (verified owner)

    I’ve used several other brands and this stuff is the best by far. Really smooth application, no splitter from the cans and dries really quickly.

  11. Fil (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Used this for several years and I can find nothing that matches it. Highly recommended.

  12. simon jones

    this clear gloss lacquer is the real deal I’ve used the sealer, colour and clear lacquer it goes on excellent and would highly recommend it

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