Van Halen tribute guitars

I received an email from a customer who has used my lacquer create tributes to a couple of Van Halen style guitars.

Here’s what he wrote:

Hi Steve,

I finally finished my Van Halen guitars, painted with Nitrocellulose lacquer that you supplied. I attach a couple of pictures, as I promised I would when they were done.

The "Frankenstein" guitar is fitted with original Floyd Rose trem and EVH frankenstein pickup, the main Kramer 5150 guitar again has an original floyd rose but has a custom wound Seymour Duncan EVH78 pickup fitted. The other Kramer style guitar is a cheap copy I bought unpainted off ebay to use as a painting prototype, but with a little work, it has made a decent player and the stock pickup sounds OK through a good rig.

Thanks for the lacquer, it was great to work with (after our telephone conversation in the summer I left each colour a full 2 weeks to harden before applying the masking tape for the next one. This worked well and there was no damage from the tape). I used "Frog" tape along with car striping tapes for the thin lines. I started with B&Q "Select" blue masking tape, which was terrible and left sticky deposits on the paint when it was peeled off so I stopped using it.

Best regards



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  1. hi steve,
    it was the first time i used your service and i can say it defiantly will not be the last,
    my guitar was exactly how i wanted it and your service was professional and very fast
    as you could tell by the smile on my face and i couldn’t wait to show my mates
    Thank you again one very impressed customer
    callum h

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