Tortis pickguards for a couple of Martin acoustic guitars

Martin OM-18GE Tortis Pickguard

It was my pleasure to make pickguards for two Martin acoustic guitars this week.

The pickguards are made from Tortis, invented by John Greven and sold through Luthiers Mercantile. This material makes beautiful pickguards, it polishes to a high gloss and the edges can be rounded for a very organic appearance.

Martin OM-18GE

Martin OM-18GE Tortis Pickguard

Martin OM-18GE Tortis Pickguard

Martin 000-42

Martin 000 42 Tortis Pickguard

Martin 000 42 Tortis Pickguard

12 Comments on “Tortis pickguards for a couple of Martin acoustic guitars”

  1. Hi do you make pick guards I have a 1972 Martin d18 and need a replacement. I need one with rounded edges. Black. Thanks neil

  2. …..some time since last comment! What have you tried to date….looking for someting nice for a Clapton style sunburst D21 type project!!

    • I did get some of the Stewmac material but not used it yet. I’m thinking of trying to make my own material but finding the time is always an issue!

  3. Steve, rather than order from the States, would you sell a blank of this stuff if you’ve any left? The pickguard on my Gibson acoustic is of the horrible modern ‘pixelated’ type.

  4. Hi, I recently bought a 0.60mm PVC acoustic blank w/adhesive backing from StewMac so I could make a Hummingbird-style pickguard. I’ve drawn out the template on paper and it fits my guitar perfectly, but I’m having trouble actually cutting the sheet itself. I’ve tested a retractable Stanley knife and scissors on it, but neither seem to do it very well, especially with all the curves. What would you suggest I use to cut it? Thanks, Tim

    • Hi Tim, I use a Stanley knife myself. You need to go over the lines a few times but it will go through. I’ve been thinking though of going to the Fab Lab at Ancoats and using their laser cutter, the problem being that I’d need to make a CAD file for each pickguard. It’s probably easier on balance to use a knife!

  5. hi i have a gibson songwriter and the pick guard keeps lifting. obviously I dont want to stick it down with any old glue. Any advice. thanks

    • I would remove it completely, clean it and the guitar face then reattach using the 3M adhesive sheet from Stewmac.

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