This was also refinished by a customer. It’s a Mexican Fender Stratocaster body with WD Music Products neck. Simon writes: “My ‘Frankenstrat’ finished with your nitro laquer. Started out as just a MIM body I’d picked up on ebay for 30 quid which some guy had stripped with a blowlamp (and probably an axe it …

This was refinished by a customer who sent me the pictures below. Krissy writes: “I would just like to thank you for a superb product and the advice from your web site on “how to do things”. I have enclosed a short bio on my 20 year old Stratocaster.this was brought new in antique white …

A re-creation of Fender’s 3 colour sunburst over alder. This uses my Clear Amber, Clear Red and Black aerosols, with a Clear Satin top coat.

White Blonde Esquire A re-creation of Fender’s white blonde of the late 1950s and early 1960s. This was my attempt at a 1953 replica. It uses my White Blonde nitrocellulose lacquer. Butterscotch Blonde Telecaster A re-creation of Fender’s butterscotch blonde of the early 1950s. This uses the same blonde lacquer as above but with a …

This modern Fender Stratocaster was originally black but the owner has a thing about pink. And happens to be my daughter!

This is a modern Fender Highway 1 Stratocaster that was changed from “hearing-aid beige” to Daphne Blue.

Cherry Red Epiphone Coronet This was a complete refinish in Cherry Red. This guitar is rumoured to have been owned and played by Steve Marriot. Another complete refinish in Cherry Red.

I built this Les Paul Junior copy from scratch and finished in in Vintage White nitrocellulose lacquer. The body is one piece of mahogany, with a maple neck.

This was a complete refinish in Olympic White. A tinted clear coat was sprayed to mimic aged lacquer.

The body was received in stripped condition and the colours for the 3-tone sunburst were matched to what remained in the pickup cavity. The central yellow area, being semi-opaque is correct for the mid-sixties when Fender under CBS management were saving money by cutting out steps in the finishing process.