Krissy’s Olympic White Stratocaster

This was refinished by a customer who sent me the pictures below.

Krissy writes:

“I would just like to thank you for a superb product and the advice from your web site on “how to do things”.
I have enclosed a short bio on my 20 year old Stratocaster.this was brought new in antique white and over the years it had gone a yukky yellow so a friend “repainted it with car paint” about 10 years ago (see before shot)
So after finding your site I thought – as Mr. Clarkson from Top Gear says – how hard can it be? So I hand sanded the whole thing down,(and destroyed my french manicure in the process) and repainted it as per your instructions and finished with a clear coat (not tinted) as i wanted a really bright white and here are the results,along with a new torty scratchplate and back plate instead of the scruffy white ones this will now take its place with my Chrome Red American Strat.All the work has been done by me single handed,and even if i do say so myself not bad for a female, so thanks again Steve,I could not done it without you.”


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