Tony’s 50s 2-tone Stratocaster Replica

50s 2 tone strat replica
50s 2 tone strat replica

50s 2 tone strat replica

Tony is another regular customer who has produced some superb guitars painted using my nitrocellulose lacquer.

I think he has excelled himself with this superb tribute to an early Fender Stratocaster using neck and body from Musikraft.

Take a look at Tony’s post on TDPRI¬†where he shows how be sprayed the sunburst and aged the body and hardware, making one of the best replica Strats I think I have ever seen.


8 Comments on “Tony’s 50s 2-tone Stratocaster Replica”

  1. Absolutely beautiful. A lovely job and a really interesting thread on The Gretsch Pages. I’m always impressed when someone cares enough about what they do to explain and document it so thoroughly.

  2. Great looking guitar! What colours have been used here? I’m just awaiting delivery of a bass kit and like this colour scheme- a 2-colour burst may be easier for first-timer!

  3. Hi Tony, great looking strat.. I tried following the link on the Gretch page, but there seems to be no listing of it.. Are there any more pictures of this project. I have a body and fancy having a dabble at the 2 tone burst.


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