Another Epiphone EJ-200 Left-hand Conversion

Using Stewmac saddle routing jig on Epiphone EJ 200 left hand conversion

Here’s another Epiphone left hand conversion I did recently, this time a natural finish guitar. I invested in a Stewart Macdonald saddle routing jig and yes, one day I’ll take the protective paper off it!

I used a Graphtec Tusq nut and saddle as I like the consistency of  the material, plus it’s easier to work than bone.

You might be able to see from the picture below that the factory had placed the bridge slightly askew.

Also, in order to get a low action, it was necessary to remove about 3mm from the top of the bridge. Luckily the bridges on these guitars are really thick and sturdy so removing a bit of height will cause no problems.

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