Gretsch inspired Telecaster

Gretsch inspired Telecaster
Gretsch inspired Telecaster

Gretsch inspired Telecaster

I put this Telecaster together over the weekend. It has a Warmoth replacement body and a neck and bridge from a Fender Classic Series guitar.

I cut the scratchplate out of 2mm acrylic sheet and painted the back with Plasti-Kote metallic gold paint to complete the look.

8 Comments on “Gretsch inspired Telecaster”

  1. Hi Steve,

    That’s a wonderful and unique guitar you’ve got there!

    I would really appreciate if you could post a few more pics since I really loved it and about to build a tele, as this would really help the luthier figure out the colors.

    Thanks in advance!!

    • Thanks, it isn’t mine but belongs to a customer. The body was both made and finished by Warmoth. I’m pretty sure the colour is their “Sunset Orange”.

  2. Nice Tele great colour, just finished my first build a walnut body Tele and collecting parts for the next…what do you use to cut scratchplates out with and get a smooth finish on the edge??

    • Thanks! When making a pickguard, I first make an MDF template, filing and sanding until it’s the perfect shape. I then use a table router and the template to cut the plastic. If I need a bevel I use a 45° router bit.

  3. Hello Steve !

    Could you tell me the name the the color used on this guitar please ?
    Very cool work btw! :)

    Thank you !

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