Building a SAGA TC-10 Part 5 – Wiring the Electrics

Attaching the switch and controls

Attach the 3-position switch using the screws provided. Attach the volume and tone pots with the soldering lugs facing. Use the lower nut to adjust the height of the potentiometer. Place the star washer between this nut and the control plate. use a dress washer beneath the upper nut and tighten fully.



Wiring the control plate

Solder a wire from the centre two contacts of the switch to the lower contact on the volume pot. Solder another wire from here to the lower contact on the tone control. Solder the upper leg of the volume pot to the body of the pot and connect a 0.047?F capacitor from here to the centre leg of the tone pot. Connect a length of shielded wire from the volume pot to the output jack. The shield should be soldered to the body of the volume pot and the centre wire to the middle leg of the volume pot.


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