Building a SAGA TC-10 Part 4 – Assembly

Attaching the neck to the body

At this point you can attach the neck to the body using the four large screws. Use the neck plate to act as a large washer for the screw heads. Tighten the screws firmly.


Fitting the tuners

If you are using alternative tuners, like our Gotohs you will probably need to ream out the holes to 10mm. You can use a 10mm drill for this but it is probably better to use a round file or reamer to carefully extend the holes.

Attach the tuners using the ferrules only. Tighten lightly so that you can still adjust the angle of the tuner.


Turn the neck over and position the tuner bodies so that they are all straight. Then drill pilot holes for the screws using a Dremel or similar small drill. Mark a depth stop on your drill bit so you don’t drill through to the other side.


Finally, you should tighten the ferrules fully.

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