La Cabronita build (4)

The final chapter – the guitar is now complete with cream pickguard and on its way to Italy.

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  1. A note from the (proud) owner:

    I don’t know how Steve did it, but what I got here is beyond all of my (demanding) expectations. Playability, feel, tone, this came out as one of those rare, hard-to-find guitars that seem to have it all.

    I never had a guitar with such a low action and no buzz anywhere on the fretboard, so light in weight to make my old thinline seem as heavy as a stone, and with such a huge dynamic range and responsiveness to seem hollow-bodied.

    Whether it is the care in coupling neck and body through planing the surfaces, or through the increased stiffness of the stainless steel heavy-duty neckplate and machine screws, or whether it is the resonance of the body painted in nitrocellulose satin thin (onion) skin…

    Maybe it’s the sum of all these elements, but the fact is, my Cab-style has endless sustain, bite when you hit, whisper when you touch it just lightly, a much bolder tone and more versatile voice than the original (branded) one after which it’s inspired (and at a fraction of its price).

    This one’s the real one. Steve deserves my respect, my gratitude, my admiration.

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