Esquire “Bakelite” pickguard

Esquire bakelite pickguard on Baja Telecaster body

I just made this pickguard for a Tele fanatic. He’s making (another) Esquire, this time using the body from a Baja Telecaster.

I cut the pickguard to accurate Fender dimensions (of course) and lacquered with clear gloss nitrocellulose lacquer and buffed it to a shine just like the originals.

I also fitted a Texas Special pickup in the bridge and wired it to a “cocked wah” circuit.

Just needs a nice neck now!

7 Comments on “Esquire “Bakelite” pickguard”

  1. Hello Steve, I really like to use Bakelite raw, it’s such a lovely material to work with.

    For me, and I realise everyone is different, If the body finish is glossy, a glossy pickguard doesn’t offer the texture contrast a matt pickguard can, also a glossy Bakelite finish looks more like plastic.

    I finish mine with rottenstone or you can even use Brasso, this just smooths the surface producing a lovely texture with a subtle sheen. The bright hardware, bridge, control plate, nickel neck pickup cover and body finish really stand out against it. it’s a very practical finish too, there is no glossy surface to scratch.

  2. Hi Steve

    There seems to be a huge debate about blackguard thickness. What did you use please?



  3. Hello, I hope you’re well.

    Please can you tell me where you bought the Bakelite pickguard material.

    Many thanks

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