La Cabronita build (1)

Shell Pink La Cabronita

I’m putting a La Cabronita style guitar together for a customer in Italy. He has supplied all the parts but was unhappy with the “sonic blue” finish on the body. I’m therefore repainting it in Shell Pink. It’s going well so far. More soon when the lacquer is hard.

Next job, make some pickguards and control cavity covers!

Please note that I am not taking on any refinish work

4 Comments on “La Cabronita build (1)”

  1. That’s a beauty … how much do you charge for a refinish like that? Do you also sell/have access to new bodies? Thanks!

  2. It looks great, it’s just a pity that from the picture you can’t see how light this Paulownia body is!
    Great job, Steve!

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