Routing for Floyd Rose Locking Nut

Routing for Floyd Rose Locking Nut

I was asked to fit a Floyd Rose locking nut to this Warmoth neck.

I was slightly dubious that it would work, especially as Warmoth will not cut the shelf for a locking nut on their Vintage Modern necks.

Thankfully, the truss rod nut is sited well back from the nut so fitting the nut was not a problem.

The only issue was that the nut has to be slackened to adjust the truss rod, something that shouldn’t need doing too often. One of the Floyd Rose nuts designed for a bullet truss rod would have provided access but unfortunately they are only available in narrow widths.

4 Comments on “Routing for Floyd Rose Locking Nut”

  1. What are the guides you use? how to you compensate for the fret radius?
    i just bought a kramer with a floyd rose that wont intonate. i need to shorten the contact point at the nut.
    thank you

  2. I know this was 9 years ago, but I need to do the same thing on my strat. What kind of bit did you use on the router? Thanks!

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