Gibson Les Paul Headstock Break

This Les Paul was only a week old when it suffered this catastrophic break.

Unusually, the fall was so severe that it broke the fibre headstock face right across between the E tuners.

Although not an easy repair the break had plenty of surface area for glue.

The repaired headstock was relacquered and the repair is only visible under close inspection.

I did consider replacing the headstock facing but decided to fill the repair and paint it black to keep the costs down.

The pearl Gibson logo was scraped clean and a new “Les Paul model” transfer applied and lacquered over.

Once the lacquer had hardened, I flatted it, and buffed to a high gloss before reassembling the guitar and restringing.

Here’s the back of the neck, you can just make out the join line!

3 Comments on “Gibson Les Paul Headstock Break”

  1. Hello,
    great work and great website. I am repairing a broken neck at the time but there is some veneer missing between the two e string tuners. What is the best way to fill the large gap, epoxy or is there a better way? Of course I will spray some black and some clear after that.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Thanks from the Netherlands


  2. Hello Steve your repair work is beautiful,I don’t believe my eyes! Can I ask you a couple of questions?
    I have the same guitar,mine is a goldtop,which has suffered nearly the same break.The neck has a natural finish so I believe that is impossible to hide the break completely so this don’t bother me,but I’m very afraid for possible tuning issues.How did the guitar stay in tune once repaired? I use 0.11 string,with heavy tension.The liuther is a good liuther but is a shame that I don’t live near you!,( I live in Italy). Is it an expensive work? Thanks in advance for the answer good work Steve. p.s. sorry for my bad english!

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