Fender USA Deluxe Jazz Bass tortoiseshell pickguard

Fender USA Deluxe Jazz Bass pickguard

I made the Tortoiseshell pickguard for this Fender USA Deluxe Jazz Bass the other day.

For some reason, Fender don’t make this bass with a torty ‘guard but I think that tortoiseshell over 3-tone sunburst is a classic look.

The material is genuine 4-ply cellulose nitrate which smells great when it’s being cut.

Making a pickguard is a time-consuming task. The first step is to make a template from MDF or plywood, sanding accurately to the outline of the pickguard. Once the template is made, the roughed-out  blank is attached and trimmed with a router bit, then bevelled as and where necessary.

9 Comments on “Fender USA Deluxe Jazz Bass tortoiseshell pickguard”

  1. Dear Steve
    I need a red tortoiseshell pickguard for my 2012 Fender jazz bass American Deluxe.
    Serialnr.: US12 078649.
    Is this possible without sending you the old pickguard.
    My bass is almost same color like the bass in the blog.
    What will this cost shipped to Norway

  2. Dear Steve,

    First i thank you that for all. I will check the price possibilities and return to you next days. I wish i will finisih order in near time. Again thank you for your whole effort.
    Best regards,

  3. Dear Sir,
    I am living in Istanbul-Turkey and want to know ;

    My guitar is 2010 USA Deluxe FENDER JAZZ BASS model. Model number-color is ; 019-4580-700 Serial No : 10048229.
    Is it possible to buy “Fender USA Deluxe Jazz Bass tortoiseshell pickguard” same as the upper picture for my guitar? ?f possible please inform me about the price and the cargo details.

    Best regards,


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