Squier JV Precision Bass

Squier JV Precision Bass neck shim

I just thought I’d share this.  I set up this 1983 Squier JV Precision Bass and discovered the original shim in the neck pocket, dated May 83. Needless to say, I left it there.

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  1. Hi Steve, yeh, that,s a classsic bit of ID! would love to know some history on mine! I guess i could have a look or get someone to have a ganders. Strange thing is i have this what appears to be a squire jazz……..i think i,m working it out, the JV serial No reads as 82-84 when typed into fender site…it has a Tokai lined fretless oldies but goldies neck on it! where the neck meets body there are shims which leads me to think its a Precision body with hybrid neck! Plays a dream! Cheers and ta for sharing that. Simon. Northumberland.

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