Fret Calculator

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This page accurately calculates the position of the fret slots for guitars and basses.

Simply enter the the number of frets and the scale length in millimetres then press the calculate button for an instant result.

Some common guitar scales expressed in inches and millimetres

  • 24.00″ = 609.60mm (Fender Duo-Sonic/Jaguar)
  • 24.75″ = 628.65mm (Gibson or Rickenbacker)
  • 25.00″ = 635.00mm (PRS)
  • 25.50″ = 647.70mm (Fender Stratocaster/Telecaster/Jazzmaster)
  • 27.67″ = 702.82mm (Baritone)
  • 30.00″ = 762.00mm (Short scale bass)
  • 33.25″ = 844.55mm (Medium scale Rickenbacker bass)
  • 34.00″ = 863.60mm (Long scale Fender bass)
Fret Distance from previous fret (mm) Distance from nut (mm)

20 Comments on “Fret Calculator”

  1. It’s wildly inaccurate.
    24 frets with 473mm length should get me 29.65 at the beginning of the 12th fret.
    Your calc has it at 23.65. Not even close.

    • I think you might be confused.

      Is 473mm the length of your fretboard? You need to use the scale length – i.e. the distance from nut to saddle.

  2. Thanks, building an electric guitar from bits in the shed. Not sure if my Dovetail saw can cut to plus or minus 0.01mm but great to have the ideal answer. The 20 fret Shedocaster made by the Splinter Guitar Co. is about to be fretted using the rolled edges from a tin box of biscuits.

  3. I have compared your indications with other frets calculator. Yoe have exactly the same measurments. Thank you.

  4. Very useful and incredibly quick. Used it to check my own calculations for a cittern I am making. Thanks for the help.

  5. Muchisimas Gracias!!! la verdad es que es una herramienta muy util!

    Many thanks!!! The truth is that it is a very useful tool!

  6. Saved hours of trial and error – ok, guessing! Building a key box for a medieval keyed fiddle, Thanks very much indeed!

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